For that person that always brightens your day. For your confidant. For your best friend. For the neighbor that always makes sure to check up on you. Only the best for those who make life a little bit sweeter. Show them how treasured they are with a gift that recognizes their empathy and celebrates their compassion. Elevated essentials for an individual dedicated to chasing their dreams and making their mark. They have already captured your heart, now help them captivate the world. The perfect mix of sophisticated and fun that will never go out of style. Curated for the person that has inspired you with their adventurous spirit and optimism. Celebrate life, milestones, and memories with a luxurious gesture. 

What’s in the Box?

Supra Endura. Modern Leopard Print 100% Silk Scarf 20" x 20"

Dedicated to supporting reducing carbon emissions; $1 of each purchase goes back to Cool Effect, a registered 501(C)(3) nonprofit.

Malionne. Long-Tail Rose Scrunchie

5% of their proceeds go towards alleviating costs for high risk animal shelters.

May Martin. 5.5” long with 1.5” Extender Enamel & Gold Bracelet

Handmade in Costa Mesa, California.

Girls Crew. 18k Gold Plated Fruit Basket Stud Set

"I really love creating dainty jewelry that makes you feel amazing every time you put it on. Jewelry should be fun! - Founder & Designer, Jina Chang

More Details

Comes elegantly packaged in a white Chérir box with debossed logo and carefully tied with a red ribbon. Gift includes a connection card for a deeper understanding of each unique designer and artisan, as well as a complimentary handwritten card for an extra personal touch. Gift orders are shipped USPS priority mail, and typically take 2-4 business days to arrive to most locations within the United States.

Why She'll Fall in Love with Chérir

Everyday we strive to curate delicate, charming pieces that inspire and move through their artistry.

But the CHÉRIR experience starts with our meticulously crafted handmade boxes, that will instantly spark anticipation and jubilation that perfectly meet the pure elation of soulful/heartfelt gift receiving.

Our diaphanous pieces promise to fascinate and enthrall even the finest of tastes. Sublimely packaged and artfully curated, CHÉRIR gifts transform any moment into a timeless experience.