Petit Bébé (Unisex)

What’s in the Box?

Malionne. Gray Headband.
5% of proceeds go towards alleviating costs for high risk animal shelters.
Kicheko. Luminesce Threaders. Gold-plated brass. Grade A-AA Freshwater Pearls.
A social impact brand dedicated to giving back by investing in the education of under-resourced children in Congo. Each piece of jewelry funds one month of school for one child.

Estella. Organic Baby Romper. (Newborn-3 Months)

Run by husband-and-wife team, Estella has a firm commitment to environmental stewardship.

Estella. Organic Avocado Rattle. 100% Organic Cotton.

Estella's handmade clothes and baby toys use GOTS-certified cotton, which allows them to produce quality products that are kind to the environment and the people who design, handle and wear them.

Why She'll Fall in Love with Chérir

Everyday we strive to curate delicate, charming pieces that inspire and move through their artistry.

But the CHÉRIR experience starts with our meticulously crafted handmade boxes, that will instantly spark anticipation and jubilation that perfectly meet the pure elation of soulful/heartfelt gift receiving.

Our diaphanous pieces promise to fascinate and enthrall even the finest of tastes. Sublimely packaged and artfully curated, CHÉRIR gifts transform any moment into a timeless experience.