Purchasing a Gift

  1. Can I include a personal gift message or note?

    You bet! We offer a luxe, complimentary greeting card on which we’ll write a handwritten note on your behalf.

    Each card is beautifully printed in gold foil on a light blush cotton paper with a vintage press. Currently, your greeting choices include: Happy Birthday, Thinking About You, 3 Reasons I’m Grateful for You, Merry Christmas, and blank.

  2. Will each item have a price tag? How do I make sure the pricing is hidden?

    Gifting is the heart of what we do, so we never include price tags in the boxes.

  3. I need this gift to arrive on a specific day. Is that possible?

    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date at this time. If this is a deal breaker for you, pleasecontact us and let us know. We are a new business and always looking for ways to improve!


  1. Can I customize a box?

    Yes! Pleasecontact us and we will be happy to accomodate you.

  2. What is the size of the box?

    Each gift collection ships in one box that measures approx. 11.8” x 11.8” x 4”. The shipping container will be slightly larger.

  3. Do you sell boxes for men?

    We do not sell boxes for men at this time. We are women supporting women!

  4. Do the boxes change seasonally? Will your inventory change?

    YES! We’re starting small and simple, but one of our longer term goals is to offer a variety of boxes for different seasons and trends.

Shipping & Delivery

  • When will my order ship?

    Collections that are in stock will ship within 1-2 business days.

  • How long will shipping take?

    USPS Priority Mail usually takes 1-3 business days within the contiguous United States.

    Please note that delivery dates are not guaranteed by CHÉRIR or the U.S. Postal Service since we cannot be held responsible for bad weather, flat tires, and other unforeseen complications. By default, packages are not insured, but if you encounter any issues, feel free to  contact us!

  • Is shipping included?

    YES! Paying separately for shipping makes us cringe. ;)

  • Do you ship internationally?

  • Sorry, we only ship to the US...for now. If international shipping is an important feature to you, please get in touch!

    Returns & Exchanges

    1. What is your return policy?

      Because we want each and every recipient to have an unparalleled unboxing experience, our packaging cannot be reused once it is opened. For this reason, all sales are final. Though we do not accept returns or exchanges, we encourage you toreach out to us if you have ANY questionsbefore placing an order. Your happiness is our top priority!

    Designers & Collaborations

    1. I just received a box from you, and I LOVE it. Can I tag you on social media?

      Yes please!!! Our social handle is and you can use #giftcherir to share photos of your special gift. We are a brand new business and EVERY single share, mention, like, and comment means the world to us.
    2. How do you choose products for the boxes?

      It’s like dating. We meet designers and artisans at trade shows, markets, and online. We dive into their stories and get to know each other before deciding to collaborate.

    3. I’m a maker interested in getting my products in your boxes. How should I contact you?

      We love making new connections! Feel free tocontact us any time to share your work.

    Special Orders

    1. Do you offer discounts if I order several boxes at once?

      We do not have a standing discount code for specific thresholds, but newsletter subscribers will be the first to learn about promotions.Sign up here!

    2. If I buy multiple gifts at once, can I ship to more than one address?

      Yes we do! Upon checking out, you will see a button located on the top left corner of the page that says ‘Ship to Multiple Addresses.’ You will be able to fill out individual addresses as well as notes. And since shipping is free, you are not paying extra to separate the shipments.

    3. Do you offer customized boxes for weddings, special events, or corporate events?

      Not yet, but we’re looking into this as a possible future endeavour.